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[Korea Times] Wavelengths

//[Korea Times] Wavelengths

[Korea Times] Wavelengths

Today I’m going to get to the heart of the matter; perhaps expand some capillaries.  It’s a little difficult, so bear with me.  Energy.  I’m talking about the kind of energy we hear about in Tai-chi, Martial Arts, auras, and physics class.  But what is it?  In short, it’s a form of information.  Within this energy is a wavelength, of which there are many frequencies, from the violent to the motionless, from the divine to the lowly.  The evolutionary path of man is based on the frequency of the wavelength they receive, and to break the limit of one’s wavelength means to expand the information one receives and indeed this requires training. Small awakenings one feels during spiritual trainings are nothing but a repetition of the expansion of your consciousness.  How calm is the mind and how close you get to the level without movement dictates the higher wavelength you receive.  Obviously, great masters receive higher ones due to their peace of mind and breathing power. So again, what is this wavelength?  Just as the internet is connected to everything through the World Wide Web, in the universe everything is shared through wavelengths.  A wavelength is the essence of the universe and also the way to show its existence, so you can come to know the entity of the universe.  A wavelength is the method to have a conversation with all kinds of things, and the means to control them, and the portal to be directly linked to the universe.  A wavelength is a vibration, and the universe is designed to pass along everything through its own vibration.  This classification of a wavelength accounts for the grade levels the universe has, and the fundamental evolution of human beings is possible by the wavelength, not science. The reason why the power of breathing is so great is because it allows you to tap into the information of the universe, and to tap into this requires emptying, which makes a comfortable mind.  Through this comfort you come to know yourself fully. There are two ways to discern the wavelength of the universe. One is to verify and research it through scientific and positive results, and the other is to confirm it on one’s own through the practice of breathing. The method of receiving the wavelength of the universe through breathing is skipping the way of research and transcending all the procedures at one time. This is what all beings in the universe are aspiring to including people who desire enlightenment. The basic conditions to receive a wavelength is to free oneself from the emotional boundary, and get into the wavelength of reason, and leaping over the wavelength of reason one has to come to the one close to the wave of Alpha 1. In this state one can read a wavelength. A wavelength can be read by the human body, and the power of the wavelength enables us to mount the state of gods as long as one follows the basic principles of the universe. Opening the eye of energy and training with this eye makes us decode and analyze the data a wavelength contains. The cosmos contains more than 400-500 thousands of kinds of wavelengths. Among them, the ones we hear with our ears amount to 10~20%, and the numerous kinds of wavelengths we can’t hear with our ears control the universe. The waves above audio frequency have to be heard by The Third Eye(Upper Domain) and the Heart Domain. The Third Eye sends and receives the waves related to sophisticated skills, and the Heart sends and receives much more fundamental waves. We can grasp which level one’s training is at by grasping the wave one emits from his Heart. A wavelength is the method by which we can have a conversation and can control everything, and the portal to the universe through all kinds of things.  Data can transport through the wavelength, so it is possible to move to anywhere in the universe in no time, and the present physical laws are not applied to them. The universe gives its infinite power of the wave to the one entitled to use the power. According to the evolution of one’s wavelength, humans can be Heaven itself, and the universe, and through this method humans can be Heaven, and the universe. A lot of people are talking about the era of the universe, but they can’t give the method to get there.  The most perfect method to reach the universe is by achieving evolution through the wavelength.  A wavelength is the origin of all things, the process, and the result.   A wavelength explains everything in the Universe and is the language and tool that is managing the Universe. It was that which was made to make everything possible.  It’s through breathing that all answers can be found about self and truth within the fastest time.


Roar Sheppard

The writer is an expert on fundamental breathing and the director of Arui Mind, Body & Spirit Center in Insadong.

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