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[Korea Times] Workers and Leadership

//[Korea Times] Workers and Leadership

[Korea Times] Workers and Leadership

Someone said recently this is the age of women; well, yes, but it’s also the age of spiritual well-being.  This means eating what’s right for you, wearing what’s right for you, and most importantly doing what you want to do.  Not for money, not for the economy, not for the business, not for the country, but for yourself.   That’s the new spiritual well-being movement.  In order to do what you want to do, you need to look inside yourself.  At the same time, while you are working in society and battling with daily stress, you need to know what society requires of you.  There are those when they dislike the direction the company is going, move to oppose it.  Don’t act in such a way.  You should contribute in a positive way to the part you can at work, and in a way that is unnoticed.  In this way, the organization will flow in a good direction. We need to have the nature of a leader even though we can’t be the leader at the same time in one organization.  We need people working in the shadows too.  If you can’t be good enough for a shadow worker, how can you expect to be the boss?  If you become the leader, can you imagine how dictatorial you’ll be? You may think “If I were the leader, I would do a much better job”, but those who don’t cooperate well as common members can never become leaders.  You first have to do what you have to do at the present job, then you can be a leader.  The one who can’t even figure out what his duty is now, how can he expect to be a good leader?


If you have ability and effort, and add to that good social skills, then without hesitation you’re a competent person.  If you have ability but your social skills leave something to be desired, you are average.  If you have no ability, no social skills, and you don’t make any effort at all, we can’t expect anything more from you in the future. You have to work hard so that you are balanced.  If you have ability but your social skills are awkward, the chances are probably no one likes you. And even if your social skills are pleasant, if you don’t put forward any effort, this won’t do.  Similarly, if you have ability but don’t give any effort, this won’t work either. Artists are a little different.  You should consider two things:  Do I have ability?  Do I try my best?  Social skills are not important.  Generally, if you have ability, you don’t make the effort.  If you make the effort, you don’t have ability.  If you have both, without fail you’ll distinguish yourself.


Make others welcome you where ever you go.  Don’t make yourself a person others dislike:  “I wish he would just leave from here.”  You have to be a person who others think: “She/he must be here.”  If not, you have to be a person working so silently that others don’t notice if you are there or not. Except for the world of artists, if you work for other organizations or hierarchies, you have to possess all three qualities.  That’s a Complete Person.  Make yourself possess the quality you don’t have.


There are those who make the effort, have faultless social skills but who always call out for attention.  “I’m over here.  Look at the work I’m doing now.”  They stand up for their work and try to pigeon hole the person working next to them.  It’s because they have absolutely no individuality.  Shall we say they are of a small Nature? By oneself one thinks, “I have to constantly show off my work and complain about others. Only when I complain am I satisfied.”  This kind of person is of a small Nature. One with a big Nature would support and try to aid another worker instead of pointing out his faults.  One who does a small amount of work but brags far too much and parades around should know, “I’m of a small Nature.” But nowadays people get rubbed the wrong way over small things.  Generally, it’s because someone has touched your pride.  But some people only get gratification out of pressing on others’ weak points or pride.  In fact, that’s their demerit.  It’s because they want to hide their inferiority complex. Those with ability, who work hard and don’t try to show off even if someone tries to disturb them emotionally, are not bothered at all.  But if you are without these and some one tries to jump on your pride, you fly into a rage and get emotionally hurt.  Just accept your deficient qualities and that’s all. The basis of human relationships is forgiving.  If you know how to forgive, you’ll have no entanglements while working.  As you can’t forgive him, you get entangled and all rolled up.  If you achieve clarity through meditation, this kind of thing won’t happen.  Matters get all entwined when your body and mental state aren’t pure, for in this state you can’t think normally.  If you don’t set yourself straight, you get all tangled up in this matter and in that. Try to make yourself a Complete Person.

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