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[Korea Times] Saju(Horoscope)

//[Korea Times] Saju(Horoscope)

[Korea Times] Saju(Horoscope)

Today I’ll talk about fate.

It’s an interesting topic so hold on to your seats.Western horoscope evaluates destiny in terms of the sun; Eastern horoscope, the moon. If the exact time of birth is included, then they both include an accurate guideline for the roads, stops and schedule of your lifeline.  Eastern horoscope, called saju in Korean, is most precise in that it includes yin/yang and the 5 forces, of which everything in the world is comprised.  Does this mean that life is based on destiny?  Well, if you’ve ever been to your local saju prophet in Korea, you’ll be quite surprised at how close they come to identifying what you’ve done in your life up till now and placing the parameters in which you’ll operate in the future.  But obvious, there’s more to life than this. (However, you wouldn’t think so if you knew that almost 1 in 2 consult the saju prophet before marriage!) However, let me explain the whole picture. Before you are born, it is decided on what year, date, day, and hour you’ll be born, and according to what hour of the day it is, you’ll be composed of more of one of the 5 Forces (soil, metal, water, tree and fire) and that will heavily dictate the course and condition of your life.  However, saju only makes up 25% of your self. We call this the elemental factor.  Another 25% consists of the DNA from your parents that is passed on to you, which affects your looks, physique, health, brain power and so on. This DNA also varies according to the desire your parents had to develop themselves spiritually. Obviously, these two factors cannot be changed. 50% of you is fixed and is outside of your power, but the following two can be changed. 25% comes from your environmental factor, some which may be good, and some bad. Even though two people may be born on the same date and same time, they are completely different due, say, to the one being born in Seoul, and one in San Francisco. For example, you may be born by the ocean, on a cliff, or in the desert and this may or may not be good for your physical and spiritual nature. Also, depending on your parents, you could be born in a more fruitful environment or not. The last 25% is made up of your desire for spiritual growth, ie, for improving your overall consciousness. Either through prayer, meditation, breathing, reading and so on the opportunity to improve yourself is given. 50% of these parameters are given when you are born and 50% are up to your efforts and will. For example, the environmental factor has to do with the type of energy you take in. If you have too much water, then move to a hot place and improve your nature and environment. Even if you are born in an unsuitable place, you can find a more suitable one and move there to live. Pungsu (Fengsui) also comes into play; that is, you can arrange your space so that the energy flows more fluidly. Don’t get me wrong; horoscope is important and relevant. It’s important to know the energy flow of your life. It’s important to know whether it’s good to marry a certain energy type or if it’s the right timing for you to work at job. These are all included in the general horoscope. There are two other factors to consider. One is your will. No matter how bad your fortune and your DNA and so on, if you have the single-minded will to do what you want and focus on that with determination, then fate must step aside, for the human mind has no barriers save for the one it imposes on itself out of ignorance. So always endeavor. The last part is more esoteric. If you believe in choice, then you actually chose the life you are living now, and have chosen the schedule you are going through now as a challenge and self-discovery for learning. We call life study. Now whether you have chosen a program of 90% difficult and 10% easy or vice versa, this is what meditation probes. Breathing provides the medium for your intuition to answer.  That is, what is the size of my container? Breathing is the way to return to the state of an unswayed mind – that of a baby. Breathing is that which can’t be measured by money or prestige or societal views. Only through breathing can you find your true worth as a person.  Everyone has their own determined variable as a human being; either you’re a Tico or a Benz, a Ford or a Fiat. Breathing lets you know your level, and after that breathing allows you to break your given container. No matter your style of life and your goal, placing your value in mind and breathing, you can find health and meaning in life. Breathing is the only continuous connection; everything else disconnects. Breathing is important. The value of breathing is in communicating with everything. There is not one thing that does not breathe. Only breathing will make everything possible. Through breath you can find out the process of creation and the extinction of everything. Everything changes based upon breathing. Breath is the biggest benefit of all that human beings have gotten, a weapon that can be used, and also the method of enlightenment. Only breathing can change the container of fate.

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