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Healing Concert Gideri Seonaeville’s

//Healing Concert Gideri Seonaeville’s

Healing Concert Gideri Seonaeville’s





In Gideri Seonaeville Korea, a live concert took place in November with Korea’s top Pianist and internationally known “Yun Huo Gang”.
A approximately 180~200 people arrived ready to listen to the famous Yun Huo Gang.
We enjoyed the concert so much, the energy was amazing and people were only smiling.
Must be because Yun Huo Gang has such a funny character, or the Seonaevill’s great Soup ^^.
After the concert I managed to sit and talk to Yun Huo Gang,
He said that one of his biggest goals in life, is to show people the importance of follow their passions.
He said that we all have a reason for existing, and generally when you follow what you are passionate about, you are always on the right track.
I could not agree with him More. Follow what you enjoy everyone, instead of getting caught in situations you don’t want to be caught in…

Many people came, and it was certainly a night to remember.
I give all my thanks to Gideri Seonaeville for preparing the event. 🙂




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  1. Jacki June 25, 2016 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Wow wish i was there~

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