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[Korea Times] Seuseung (Teacher)

//[Korea Times] Seuseung (Teacher)

[Korea Times] Seuseung (Teacher)

I’m writing today to introduce a special person within Korean culture. Most Koreans don’t know that within their presence has come a much needed spiritual leader. When we think of spiritual leaders, Monk Dae Haeng, Monk Bup Jeong, Monk Hyun Gak in Korea come to mind; internationally, Eckart Tolle, Thich Nath Than and the Dalai Llama come to mind. These are the well known faces of the spiritual movement. However there’s a yet unknown teacher by the name of Mun, Hwa Young (Suroso Mun). A well-known drama writer for KBS and a head officer at the Korea Red Cross, Mun gave it all up in a moment to devote herself to finding that nature inside that calls us all.  She’s accomplished much in her work career and her colleagues rebuked her for making such a radical decision, but Mun claimed she finally feels at peace. She tried all the existing meditation traditions and mastered them one by one like an honor student too advanced for the curriculum. Finally, without an equivalent teacher, she took the road alone and found the way through arduous self-discipline and emptying. She reached several enlightenments oover a ten year period. But she never insists on boasting; nor does she wish to be placed on a pedal stool as a guru or master.  She is known simple as seonseangnim or teacher. As she’s already been there and back, Mun says her role is to be merely a guide, showing the road to those who wish to find themselves, as it’s full of many a pitfall. Awakening is not the big things, but the small ones. It’s being comfortable with living and regaining the lost senses that all humans retained thousands of years ago, the lost senses of the mind. With these, you can see into things, that is, the essence.  It’s nothing but our original state and where we must all return. Loneliness is the expression of our original state, but we try to cover it with drugs, alcohol, family, sex, work, etc.

No matter how beautiful the woman, or the amount in your bank account, or great fame, it can never fill up that loneliness, which is why meditation is the road we must all go down at some time. Mun claims that her being a woman is symbolic of this new era, the era of the woman and spirituality. It’s the time to take our lives back from others. Korea’s traditional meditation culture is Seon (the Way of nature, man, and the universe), but it has been so diluted over the centuries, it no longer resembles the root, so she revised it.  Seon is based on correct breathing, meditating and living in society at the same time, and emptying, which are rarely practiced precisely today. Mun founded Suseonjae Meditation in 1998 to spread for the first time the teachings on self and the universe far and wide.  Being humble and devotional to her disciplines, she doesn’t give interviews.  She accepts anyone who is willing to find themselves. For them, she provides full guidance and all the individual methods necessary for your personal development.  The only reason we exist is to evolve, the most precious evolution being spiritual, and that means to answer the question who am I. Not knowing this is to not know the starting point; then how can you make a goal for yourself? Everything you think you know is not all in itself, but this is what prevents you from knowing at all. Socrates said to begin with I know nothing. Many think they know why they live and what they should do, but when they come to find it out truly, it’s as if they didn’t know at all. It’s time for Korea to wake up to the fact a spiritual presence is among them. Korea, the land of morning calm, is rising. Its latent power is emerging, as witnessed in soccer, science, economics and now spirituality. Suseonjae and Mun, Hwa Young are branching out overseas where many spiritual souls are waiting. It would be a big loss for Korea not to take notice of her before the rest of the world does. Wake up, Korea!  A leader is among you to raise you from your roots and guide you to the land of the heart, where your true self lies. A true spiritual answer requires a true spiritual teacher. The future is our time to retake our lives back; not a future of religion but of individual spiritual responsibility and awakening through self. Passivity will not do. Only action guarantees your development. Mun says, everything that takes place in the universe is known through breathing. If you can reach it, you can know not only your self but the whole universe. It took Einstein 30 years to find out what can be known to all through breathing in far less time.

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