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Be Bright

Be Bright

Second,  being helpful is being bright. You must be bright. Being bright means your mind is not heavy, but light. Not only you are light, but if your lightness creates an atmosphere where others can become so light that they can almost fly, you are being of help to them.

When I practiced in the past, for some period of time my mind was dark. As though all the burdens of the world were put on my shoulders, I severed contacts with others and sat practicing with a heavy mind. At that time, I thought this was of a high dimensional level. So I didn’t smile, had a severe demeanor, and was haughty; but as I progressed in my life study, I came to realize that being light is of a higher dimensional level.

In most cases, around the time trainees are about to join Seongye Practice, it is likely that they will become serious as they are caught by agonies. There seems nowhere to go, and nothing attracts them, and they find themselves at dead-ends where they have to practice. Like the saying, “If all the views are blocked, look up,” there are many cases in which one, willingly or unwillingly, is led to an impasse out of despair.

By the time I got into practice, I was also in a desperate moment of life or death. While practicing I used to ask, “Why am I not receiving more energy?” In fact, it takes a long time to reach the stage where energy can be received continuously every day. However, in the beginning, I thought energy would just pour in if I just made the effort. If it didn’t go well, I used to complain, “Why aren’t you sending me more energy?” But one day my teacher-in-spirit said, “Why are you complaining while you yourself are trying not to receive the energy?”

I couldn’t get what that mean, and my teacher one day said, “Heaven is full of sunlight and it tries to send down its light, but how can the sun shine when the sky is so full of clouds? Then I caught the meaning and swept away the clouds from my mind. The state of my mind had been full of dark clouds, and I had been immersing myself in such a heavy state that I was unable to receive the energy. The sunlight couldn’t penetrate through the clouds I had put up.

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