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All were different from the beginning

//All were different from the beginning

All were different from the beginning



At what level did the Creator make human beings?
The levels are graded. There are all kinds of people.
There are people like animals and there are people who rank among gods.
All people are not same, but were made different.
The Creator can predict what will become of the human beings created,
but does not know what will become of them actually.
Thus, He made human beings at these levels and at those levels
and various kinds of human beings were made. He keeps watching
how they grow through imperfection and become perfect or
how they rise to the rank of the Creator. Then He improves the program.
“Ah, this part must be changed.” “This part is too much and should be
cut down.” He does not finish the program when He makes it.
Rather, repeating experiments, He keeps improving the program.

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