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Celestial Messages: SEON Guidance From the Universe

//Celestial Messages: SEON Guidance From the Universe
Celestial Messages: SEON Guidance From the Universe 2017-04-30T13:39:55+00:00

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celestrial messages

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Celestial messages are the record of heaven energy. They contain everything about humans, Heaven, and the Universe. Thus, not just anyone can read a record of heaven energy. Even if they read it, they cannot understand it.
If you wish to receive such messages from Heaven, namely, celestial messages, your brain waves should become extremely calm and reach the band of Alpha waves below 0.0001. The author reached such a level through breathing practice for a long time. She has continued to receive celestial messages regarding many important issues since then.
As “the After-Heaven Age,” when the spirituality of mankind is awakened, is approaching, many of those who say they have received messages from Heaven are appearing. Though there are differences in level of their messages, they are, in a sense, all receiving the waves of the Universe.
The celestial messages you will read in this book are the voice of the Creator, passed on from the Creator itself for the first time in the history of the Earth. This book contains information on the Universe, the creation of the planet Earth and the substance of the Creator, which you have never heard of from anywhere up until now.
We wish this book can spread out widely to those who are related, receiving the age in which the spiritual civilization of the Earth blooms.

We will finish introducing this book here, by introducing the table of contents of this book, as follows:

The Purpose of the Universe Creation / The Purpose of the Earth Creation / On the Creation of All Creatures / Who Is the Creator? / On the Creation of Human Beings / In the Beginning, Seeds of Life Were Sown / The After-Heaven Age: The Clear, Bright and Warm Universe / The End of the Earth

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