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The Seon Way for a Purposeful Life

//The Seon Way for a Purposeful Life
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What kind of being is a human, and for what do they live? What type of a planet is the Earth, and how was the Universe created? What is true freedom, and how can we attain it? What is Enlightenment, and what changes if we get enlightened?

Although these are the questions of life, they are not easy to answer. This book contains the essence of the meaning of life and how to live a life, which the author became enlightened about through meditation practice. It unravels the convoluted themes in an easy way to understand by also introducing you concrete meditation methods you can easily try.

These are cited from the book:

– Discover what you truly want. If you establish your will firmly, all creations of the Universe wrap supporting energy around you. Therefore, you will gain power. If you don’t gain power, that is because your goal is not clear.

– Evolution basically means “knowing.” It is to know about yourself, about god, about nature as well as about birth-aging-illness-death. Once you realize these, once you know the direction which the Universe is headed for, you will then evolve.

– Why did the Creator make human beings to be imperfect? Why did He make human beings like this and have them feel pain, grief and sorrow? How did He make human beings and how much did He involve Himself?

– The Purpose of the Universe’s creation is evolution, and the Earth is the planet which was created as a training center. The purpose of human beings born on this planet is only evolution through experience. Likewise, if you can become well-aware that the Earth is a school and that people are born to earn lessons, you will be pleased by all the affairs happening to you because they are teaching materials that make you profound by presenting you with experiences.

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