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The Art of No Mind -How To Be Free

//The Art of No Mind -How To Be Free
The Art of No Mind -How To Be Free 2017-04-30T13:39:55+00:00

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How many things are there that we should remember in this world? That you are ugly-looking, sick or have a disease, that you don’t have a college diploma, that you hold a low social status or that you are poor? Do we even have to be conscious of someone else’s mistakes or wrong-doings all the time?
Let’s all become amnesiacs and if we are asked, let’s say, “Did I ever graduate from college?”, “Am I poor?”, “Do I have a PhD?” or “Did someone make mistakes?”

Just by reading a few lines you will experience getting liberated from agonies which have been incessantly dragging you down and then an offshoot of cool wind blows into your care-free mind. This book teaches you about the art of no mind, the magical way of changing common ordinary days into grateful and amazing days.

According to the author, “no mind” means the state of mind that accepts everything without discrimination. When you become “no mind”, you can be completely concentrated on your work and can draw on all your potential creative energy.

While “no mind” reduces excessive expectation regarding yourself or others, it increases the joy of “now”, enables you to focus on your work without distracting emotions and thus affords the most effective outcome. Also, with no mind you will grow passion for life and will want to demonstrate something to humanity and have a free life detached from concern about what others think about you.

This book tells you how to use the art of no mind to get rid of stress you receive at work or at home, by giving you actual examples about those situations. Since it was first released back in 2004 in South Korea, it has become a national best-selling book on meditation. Hopefully this book will bring comfort to many readers’ hearts of in English speaking countries.”

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