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The Seon Way to Enlightenment

//The Seon Way to Enlightenment
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the seon way to enlightenment

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This is the book that tells you about what Seongye is and how to reach there.

This is the first book of Suroso Mun, a teacher of the international meditation school, Suseonjae as well as the bible of spirituality books.
This is a journal of the author’s training (Seongye Practice), from how a former successful career woman in Korea throw out all she achieved throughout her life up until then to the course she finally met her original nature. Descriptions on how she met and guided by her teacher-in-spirit, conversations she had with energy beings or cosmic beings, pains and frustrations she went through while in practice and how she finally reached Enlightenment are vividly unfolded in this book.

“Life was a sea of bitterness. I thought about suicide several times. From an objective point of view, mine were not such bad circumstances, but I don’t know why I felt so hard and lonely in my mind.
The biggest difficulty which I had doing study was enduring the loneliness. Since I had geumchok training (cutting off all worldly contacts including practicing abstinence) for about 1,000 days, I cut off almost all exchange with people and just practiced breathing training. With such strength, I was able to pass the minimum course at last.” From the preface

Nevertheless, what she had achieved through such a hard practice is not something that appears evident outwardly.

“I have done the study of casting off. One thing I firmly achieved in this process is the peace of mind which doesn’t sway easily in any situation. That is enough, isn’t it?” From epilogue

Practice is not to obtain something but to empty oneself, and the fruits you will bear through emptiness are Enlightenment, that is, meeting with yourself and finding peace at your mind that cannot be compared to anything else. We recommend this book to truth seekers who are searching for treasure of mind, rather than searching for worldly treasure.

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